Extra Curricular Activities

 Siddhivinayak Technical Campus has got various committees and activities grouped under the Cultural Association.
The Cultural Association aims at identifying the various hidden talents of our students and to bring them out.

Activities Proposed:
• To organize Competitions to identify and encourage the potentials.
• To organize Training/Demos/Exhibitions to hone the skills of students.
• To sponsor students for Inter-college cultural events to enable them to prove their mettle.
• To organize separate Inter-school cultural competitions for rural and urban students.

Committees of Cultural Association 2016-17

Sr. No. Faculty in-charge Cultural Days
1 Prof. A. P. Joshi Cultural HEAD

 Prof. V. S. Ghorade
Prof. A. A. Tahseen

Departmental Theme Day

 Prof. P. P. Palsaniya
Prof. S. P. Dave 

Retro Day

Prof. C. P. Patil
Prof. A. S. Bhagat

Horror/ Tapori/ Tattoo Day
5 Prof. A. G. Bhore
Prof. C. P. patil
Mismatch/ Twins Day
6 Prof. S. R. Umale
Prof. B. S. Sonune
Indian Integrity (Traditional) Day
7 Prof.N. B. Ugale Creativity/ Art/ Hobby Collection Exhibition
8 Prof. A. S. Dhole
Prof. L. P. Pudage
Theme based Rangoli
9 Prof. P. M. Kalne
Prof. S. D. Agrawal
Anand Mela (Funfair)



  • To increase the efficiency of Non teaching Staff in Microsoft Excel Two day workshop was conducted on 19,20 March 2021 by Prof.S.N.Khandare who is the HOD OF CSE Department.Total 19 participants were present for this Workshop.

  • ,February,21,2017
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