Other Facility

  • STC is having one seminar hall equipped with smart board PA system LCD projector and wifi facility. Five class room with LCD projector and wifi facility and ten class room with wifi facility

    SR. Number of Classroom/Seminar Hall ICT facility Geotagged Image
           1. CG-11 Seminar Hall LCD Projector, Internet, smartboard
           2. AG-02 Classroom LCD Projector, Internet
           3. AF-12 Classroom LCD Projector, Internet
           4. BF-05 Classroom LCD Projector, Internet
           5. AF-03 Classroom LCD Projector, Internet
           6. AF-09 Classroom LCD Projector, Internet
           7. AG-03 Classroom Wi-Fi
           8. AG-04 Classroom Wi-Fi
           9. CS-01 Classroom Wi-Fi
       10. CS-02 Classroom Wi-Fi
       11. CS-03 Classroom Wi-Fi
       12. CS-08 Classroom Wi-Fi
       13. CS-09 Classroom Wi-Fi
       14. CS-10 Classroom Wi-Fi
       15. CS-11 Classroom Wi-Fi
       16. BG-09 Classroom Wi-Fi
    SN Building Name Wifi router geotagged image
    1 A Block
    2 B Block
    3 C Block
  • Our CC has capacity of over 125 computers that work on 100 MBPS leased line connections. At a time, the lab provides FREE internet surfing facility to students.

  • The college canteen is provided by management. The canteen adheres to the highest degrees of quality, hygiene and provides the students with tasty food at affordable rates. The serene atmosphere at the canteen has transformed it to one of the most popular places for the students.

  • Students Health care Centre i.e. first-aid room is located in the campus within easy reach of all the students. first-aid room having bed for taking care of ill students. All types of general medicines are available for the every stack holder of institute as one may need it at any time. Consultation and Medicines are all free of cost. Institute has appointed specialized visiting doctor.

  • The ______KVA Power Generator is located in emergency power failures. The downtime of the power within campus is reduced drastically to few minutes.

  • The purchase activity of the whole campus will carry out through the co-operative store with the help of purchase committee

  • Institute provides physical facilities for physically disabled students such as Ramp, Rest rooms, Lift, wheelchair etc. so that they can easily walk and move in a campus.

  • A Xerox facility is provided for the student with in campus.


  • Solar energy is renewable energy from the Sun. It is an important source of renewable energy and distributes solar energy or convert it into electrical power by using solar panel. Institute prefers a solar lamp also known as solar light or solar lantern, is a lighting system composed of a LED lamp, solar panels, battery, charge controller and there may also be an inverter. The lamp operates on electricity from batteries, charged through the use of solar photovoltaic panel. Solar-powered household lighting can replace other light sources of energy. Solar lamps have a lower operating cost because renewable energy from the sun is free, unlike fuel. In addition, solar lamps produce no indoor air pollution unlike kerosene lamps and environment friendly.