Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The institute envisions being the Centre of excellence in professional development, incubation and entrepreneurship with special application to the rural and developing India.

Our Mission

To educate students from rural region ethically strong and professionally competent engineers for business and industry and thereby enhancing the quality of life of rural society at large and promote innovation and entrepreneurship through the quality of teaching, learning and research and industry-institute collaborations. The institute shall focus on student centric, work centric education and practiced based approach in the training of the students.

Core Values:

  • Student Focus
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Ethics and Dignity
  • Accountability
  • Social Responsibility
  • Excellence 


SHORT TERM PLAN [2017-2020]:

1. Affiliation from National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).
2. Provide congruous anywhere/anytime access to systems and information for scholarly activity and administrative service.
3. Formation and registration of Alumni association.
4. Offline to Online Transformation and provide online services that enhance edifying and learning.
5. Develop quality of Leadership, diversity, Academic Achievement, Striving for and creating motivation for academic excellence, College/Community Involvement and college Spirit.
6. Emphasizes neighborhood services especially in rural India.
7. Increase percentage of students undertaking field projects / internships.
8. Engender and carry an academic environment that promotes innovation and scholarship, and through collaboration emboldens the exploration and adoption of incipient edifying implements.
9. Introduce PG course in Electronics and Computer Science Engineering.
10. Organizing national level conference in institute.
11. Updates sports facility.
12. Participate in NIRF.

MEDIUM TERM PLAN [2020-2023]:

1. Recruit the specialized faculty in all the departments.
2. Increase green initiatives and waste management.
3. Recruit the specialized faculty in all the departments.
4. Upgrade facilities and infrastructure to provide reliable accommodations to all campus stakeholders.
5. Provide technologies and processes that facilitate Siddhivinayak Technical Campus position at the forefront of edifying technology and enhance the cognition experience of students.
6. Collaborations with peregrine universities. To develop industry – institute Relation.
7. Introduce PG course in Mechanical and Civil Engineering.
8. Establishment of Incubation Center.
9. Increase campus edification (participation) regarding all aspects of information technology implementation and support.
10. Improve the student success rate regarding competitive exam and encourage the student for Entrepreneurship, Abroad education, Placements in industries.
11. Increase intake in engineering program.
12. After completion of ten years of institute, apply and obtain research Grants from various governments, research funding agencies such as UGC, DST, AICTE etc.

LONG TERM PLAN [2023-2027]:

1. Provide resource and technologies that support the college’s research community. Approval as a Research Center by the affiliating University.
2. Organizing International Conference in the institute.
3. Develop the infrastructure to meet the global requirements and transform Siddhivinayak Technical Campus's infrastructure and application service to better meet utilizer needs and support University goals through identification, testing, and adoption of incipient information technology that will fortify the University’s mission.
4. Affiliation from National Board of Accreditation (NBA).
5. Construction Hostel.
6. Provide consultancy service with the industry and Governmental organizations.
7. To get copyrights and patents on the research work.