Computer Science and Engineering

2) About Department

Department of Computer Science and Engineering is prepared to meet the challenges and is playing a leader’s role in shaping the education by proving unique academic and research opportunities in the forefront of Computer Science & Engineering and their applications.
The department has a team of well qualified and competent faculty members. Most of the curriculum is taught using modular learning approach to integrate the academic programs with practical knowledge. In addition to this co-curricular activities are carried out to promote intellectual growth of the students so that the next generation of engineers would prove excellence in all fields. Similarly, eminent personalities from industries are invited to give an insight on latest technologies that are practiced.

Departmental Goals

• Encourage students to attend add-on courses during their course time.
• Motivate the students to actively participate and organize personality development programs, co-curriculum activities, career guidance program etc.
• Encourage and promote students to present papers in various paper presentation competitions and seminars.
• Encourage students to indulge themselves in the research & development activities for the well being of the mankind.
• Motivate students to explore, develop and apply their potentials to become successful entrepreneurs.
• Encourage and guide students to prepare and appear for competitive exams.
• Inspire students to apply their academic excellence in the professional world through Internship.
• Encourage students to participate in institutional level clubs and carry out community development programs.

Departmental Objectives

• Acquire the fundamental and advanced knowledge in Computer Science and Engineering subjects along with additional knowledge in the subjects like Mathematics, Basic Sciences and inter-disciplinary courses which enable them to solve real life problems.
• Succeed in getting the engineering positions in Computer Software and Hardware Industries, Government Organizations at regional, national and international levels.
• Succeed in the pursuit of higher studies and continue with life-long learning.
• Aware of social responsibility, ethical standards and environmental issues to serve the society better.
• Students will be able to solve problem using Basic Maths, Discrete Structure, Theory of Computation and knowledge of Programming, Data Structures.
• Students will be able todesign and developed software solutions by applying the knowledge in Algorithms, DBMS, Computer Network, Artificial Intelligent and Software Engineering.
• Students will be able toanalyze and understand Computer Architecture, Basic and Digital Electronics, Operating System and Object Oriented System to provide better solution.
• Students will be able todemonstrate awareness towards Professional Ethics, Environment Aspects, Social Issue and readiness for life-long learning.