Applied Science & Humanities

1)About Department

Applied Science is a bridge that connects Pure Sciences with the engineering world. The mission of the department is to generate human resource of excellent quality, with high professional competence in interdisciplinary research encompassing mathematics, chemistry, and physics for the national needs. The main focus is on promoting the scientific applications and knowledge in such a manner that the students and faculty shall contribute effectively, intellectually and ethically to the scientific community of the world.
Department of Applied Science consists of Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry and Humanities & Communication Skills, which are part of engineering undergraduate courses . All the above subjects are compulsory. Mathematics is the backbone of all Engineering Sciences. Hence a lot of attention is given on Mathematics in engineering education. Engineering Mathematics is for first, second year and whereas Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry are only for first year engineering and Humanities & Communication skills are also for first year engineering . The department has three well equipped laboratories namely Physics, Chemistry and Communication Skill.

Applied Science is a strong foundation for students of engineering and is one of the indispensable departments of the institute. Chemistry along with advanced engineering materials, professional Ethics, Humanities, Environmental Awareness and Entrepreneurship Development are taught at the undergraduate level. The department has well-equipped laboratories which enable faculty and students to employ fundamental principles to create innovative new technologies.

1. Engineering Chemistry
2. Engineering Physics
3. Computer programming
4. Engineering Graphics
5. Electrical Engineering
6. Workshop
7. Engineering Mathematics
8. Engineering Mechanics
9. Language Lab.

Aim of the department
• To provide the students quality education
• To make students more research oriented
• To develop over all personality of the student
• To struggle for the best carrier of the students
• To aware the students from their social and environmental responsibilities
• To inspire students for competitive examinations and guide them.