IIT Bombay Remote Centre

Siddhivinayak Technical Campus is authorized remote centre of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay(IITB). With Remote Centre Code 1245. ( As our area is considered as educationally backward so our institute’s main goal is to prove this statement wrong and to give the students and faculty a global level exposer to technical and research oriented education  first step towards this is IIT Bombay Remote Centre and this facility not only beneficial for STC students and faculty but also open for everyone. And workshop are conducted for free of cost along with certification of IITB.

What is a Remote Center?

A Remote Center (RC) is a place from where the participants/people can interact with the instructor (faculty at IIT) who is conducting the course or delivering a lecture from IIT Bombay. The live lectures are transmitted at Remote Centers using A-VIEW software.

  • The Remote Center (RC) is usually a reputed engineering college with good facility and infrastructure.
  • It acts as a host for the virtual classroom environment created by A-VIEW.
  • The participant can attend the workshop in a RC close to his/her place. The RC minimizes the logistics of travel, boarding and lodging.

What is needed to become a Remote Center?

The institute wishing to become a remote center for IIT Bombay for the conducting the workshops, needs to have the following facilities :

  • It should be centrally located with a number of engineering colleges in the area, so as to attract a large number of participants.
  • It should have a well equipped classroom and labs with broadband internet connection, for a minimum of 50 participants.
  • The Classroom and labs should be equipped with overhead projector, audio system, well configured PCs, UPS to sustain Power.

List of Conducted Workshops under this scheme:

• Aakash For Education - Teachers (10 Nov - 11 Nov 2012)
• Research Methods In Educational Technology - Teachers (02 Feb - 09 Jan 2013)
• Aakash Android Application Programming - Students - Open Courseware (23 Feb - 03 Mar 2013)

List of Conducted Workshops under this scheme:

  • Computer Programming- Teachers (June 2014)
  • Computer Networking - Teachers (July 2014)

For more details please visit: www.it.iitb.ac.in/nmeict/