Campus drive of Suzuki Motors

Placement drive of SUZUkI MOTORS, Gujrat Multinational Company has been organized on 18th and 19th September at Siddhivinayak Technical Campus, Shegaon run by Vasundhara Bahuuddeshiya Samajik Sanstha’s, Khamgaon.
This placement Campus Drive has placed a total of 103 students. About 513 students had registered for the campus drive of Suzuki Motors organized by Siddhivinayak Technical Campus, Shegaon. According to the selection process, 103 students were selected from the interviews conducted after the written test. And immediately after the interview, offer letter was provided to all the appointed students. All the appointed students will get a salary of Rs. 17,505 per month and all the students were happy and enthusiastic after receiving the appointment letter. Even during the time of epidemic and recession, the platform provided by Siddhivinayak Technical Campus for employment to the students through agreements with various industry groups was discussed by the appointed students. They also thankedProf. Pramod Wankhade, Dr. Anant Kulkarni Principal of Engineeringand Polytechnic Principal Prof. Parag Kolhe and the entire team of Siddhivinayak Technical Campus for their efforts. Some other upcoming nominated companies planned by the college like GKN Pvt. Ltd. The campus drive will be held in October and the registration process will begin soon, which will provide more employment in the near future. The principal has also informed that he is determined to fulfill the goal of placement of all the students of Siddhivinayak Technical Campus this year.A total of 64 students have been placed on the first day of the campus drive. The Campus Drive was organized for ITI pass and Appear students. The enthusiasm of the students was also reflected in the joy of getting the job even before the exams. Appointment letters were provided to 64 students immediately after their selection. Therefore, the students expressed happiness as the needy students are getting golden employment opportunities even during the epidemic and recession. The selected students were received offer letter by the Chairman of the College, Shri. Sagar Fundkarji, Establishment Officer Prof. Pramod Wankhade, Principal of Engineering Dr.Anant Kulkarni and Polytechnic Principal Prof. Parag Kolhe, He also thanked with a special message.Some more upcoming campus drives planned by the college will provide more employment to many students in the near future as well as placement of all the students of Siddhivinayak Technical Campus.