ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARENESS CAMP -19 September TO 21 September 2019

 Siddhivinayak Technical Campus, School of Engineering & Research Technology organized a three day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp from 19 to 21 September 2019 under Department of Science and Technology Government of India, New Delhi for Final Year students.

The programmed inaugurated by DrA.G.Kulkarni , ED cell Advisor SSGMCE Mr.M.R.Ekade and ED Cell Coordinator Prof. H.B.Patil and Prof.P.R. Dabhade.In this event different expertise guide to students on various topics.

On 1st day of program dated 19 SeptemberMr.SanjayThakur ( Managing Director Janki Seeds & Research Pvt.Ltd&Janki Organic Foods, New Tapadiyanagar, Akola) delivered a lecture on -Inauguration, Camp Objective, Entrepreneurship (general concepts only). Mr. M. R. Ekade (ED Cell Advisor)delivered a lecture on Opportunities for Entrepreneurship.

On 2nd day of programme dated 20September Dr.P.B.Kaledelivered a lecture on - How to start a SSI unit (General concept about the Govt. formalities, rules & regulation, location, and different aspect of an industrial venture.)Prof.P.R.Dabhade delivered a lecture onFinancial aspects of SSI unit including salient features of a project report.

On 3rd day of programme dated 21September Dr.A.G.Kulkarni delivered a lecture on - Creativity and business- the man behind the venture -the behavioral scientist's approach. Dr.A.V.Yadgiredelivered a lecture onLectures by practicing entrepreneur's success stories- common problems faced by entrepreneurs.

The workshop includes industry visit on dated 21 Sept 2019 at Shivraj Industry and Optical Glass industry MIDC Khamgaon.The programme was coordinated by Prof. H.B.Patil and Prof.P.R.Dabhade


Photos of Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp