Ganesh Festival 2019

 For knowing as well as stay rooted with Indian culture, our institute celebrates various festivals on campus… Ganesh Festival is one of it…
On 2nd Sep. 2019 on the occasion of ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ with full enthusiasm STC staff and students installed the ‘Ganesha idol’ in the institute for 5 days. The multi-talented students of STC started preparations for decorations before 9 days only.

These 5 days were filled with grand ‘aartis’ from each department, delicious “Modak” and lots of blessing from ‘GanpatiBappa’.
On 5th days, traditionally dressed STC students and staffparticipated in Ganpati immersion rally. In the sound of ‘Dhol’ and ‘Taasha’and DJ. STC immersed its Ganesh idol. Students were well aware about their social responsibility. We immersed the idol in a tank….

These 5 days were indeed the most enchanting days on the campus.