Industrial Visit To “To V. K. Oil Industries, MIDC Khamgaon” 8th Sep. 2018

  •  Siddhivinayak Technical Campus School of Engineering and Research Technology organized an industrial visit to V. K. Oil Industries, MIDC Khamgaon for all the Engineering students of Electronics and Telecommunication Department.
    This Industry supplies raw material required for the making of soaps. Mr. Ali the production manager of V. K. oil Industries explained the detail procedure of making of raw material to the students which include certain process like ionization of Hydrogen gas that is separation of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, catalyst required for the ionization. What they do with the separated hydrogen and oxygen atoms individually. Requirement of separate catalyst for hydrogenation process. Temperature at which these process are carried out. Various AC and DC voltage supply requirement. How to control or maintain humidity of gases and why it is necessary. Also the recycling process of discarded soaps and extraction of oil from the discarded soaps and the reusing procedures.
    Students were enthusiastically involved to see all the practical process and gained lot of information about soap industry working. Prof. A. P. Narkhede and Prof. R. U. Baraliya were the coordinators of the visit.