Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp Winter-2018


Siddhivinayak Technical Campus, School of Engineering & Research Technology organized a three day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp from 27 to 29 August 2018 under Department of Science and Technology Government of India, New Delhi for Final Year students.
The programmed inaugurated by Prof. J.K.Kokate , ED cell Advisor SSGMCE Mr.M.R.Ekade and ED Cell Coordinator Prof. H.B.Patil and Prof.P.R. Dabhade.
On this event different expertise guide to students on various topics.
On 1st day of program dated 27 Aug 2018 Mr.M.R.Ekade ED Cell Advisor SSGMCE delivered a lecture on - Objectives of Entrepreneurship ,Historical Background and present Scenario of Entrepreneurship and Mechanism of product selection and technology assistance from R and D labs and other choice of technology. Prof. A.Gawande delivered a lecture on Opportunities for Entrepreneurship.
The workshop includes industry visit on dated 28 Aug 2018 at Shivraj Industry and Optical Glass industry MIDC Khamgaon.
On last day dated 29 Aug 2018 Director of R. D. Industries Mr. R. Panpaliya deliver a lecture on Govt. Policies regarding Entrepreneurship and SSI unit And Dr. Anant G.Kulkarni Principal STC,SERT guide students on various aspects of Entrepreneurship.
The program was coordinated by Prof. H.B.Patil and Prof.P.R.Dabhade