Guest Lecture by “ Dr. D. P. Kothari ” on 16 February 2018

Siddhivinayak Technical Campus, Shegaon on 16 February 2018 witnessed the presence of Prof. Dr. D. P. Kothari, who enlightened students with the guidelines to help achieve their dreams.
Dr. D. P. Kothari completed his Bachelors in 1967 in the field of Electrical Engineering , masters(M.E) in 1969 and pursued his Phd from Bits Pilani (Rajasthan) in 1976 .In 2005 he was awarded with “IIT Khosla National Award for Lifetime Acheivement in Engineering”, “Lifetime Acheivement Award” from World management Congress New Delhi and “Excellent Academic Award”from IIT Ghuwati in 2014.
     Dr. Kothari addressed students by providing them with the six key concept for successful future, and if they give attention to these things in their daily lives, that will help them achieve success, which included getting up at 4am in the morning, do regular classes, prepare yourself for work hard work, internships, and giving industrial visit, presenting a paper from the year, read a good read book every day and a good reference book at least one hour, appear for gate exams and test series. The teachers of the college should also do good teaching work, use good reference material, create good accompaniment, at least one research paper should be published in one year.
    The students of the college gave an ardent response due to the developmental and other important aspects were covered. The fruitful arrangements of the program was carried out under the guidance of Principal of Engineering Dr. Anant G. Kulkarni ,Principal of Polytechnic Prof. Parag N. Kolhe and Dean Academic Prof. Umesh Kute with efforts of all HOD’s and the teaching staff of the College.
   Best Wishes were conveyed by Chairman of the institute honorable Sagar Fundkar and Vice Chairman MLA Adv. Akash Fundkar for successful completion of the program.