"Indian Integrity (Traditional Day)"

  • ,February 25,2017

    " Indian Integrity (Traditional Day)"

    This year STC celebrated Indian Integrity (Traditional Day) on 25th February 2017 and the response was prodigious with nearly all students and the staff turned up in traditional attires representing different cultures of India. All looked wonderful in the colorful Sarees, Sherwanis, Kurtas, etc. Also students represented their departmental perspective infront of judges with various themes such as Shivaji , Mi Marathi, Bajirao Mastani, Indian Integrity, Jay Javan Jay Kisan, Koli, Colours of Indian Festival, South Indian etc.
    The Winner of the day was Mechanical Engineering Department( Theme: Shivaji) & Runner up was ComputerScience & Engineering  Department (Theme: Jay Javan Jay Kisan). 

    Here are some snapshot of this day.